As I  wear a hijab everyday to work, to grocery shopping and to pretty much everything, I get asked how do I style myself. People are curious to know where I get my hijabs from and how do I coordinate it in my usual day-to-day style.

A typical ‘hijabinista’; a girl who loves to wear one and still look modest and stylist, would know the answers to all these questions. Apparently, people asking me these questions are curious to know what makes you one. So I thought I would write about it. There are so many people out there who appreciate the pain we take to find the right colour for just the right outfit for the right occasion.

Primarily, there are 3 things for me that goes into looking for a scarf or a hijab:

  • The Colour – complements your skin tone
  • The Fabric – should be light enough to make layers and breathable for warmer weather. Viscose for warmer and linens and silk for colder temperatures.
  • The Length – rectangular instead of square (square ones form a gypsy style head covering that I do not like)

I always look for brighter and reddish hues of scarfs as they look the best with my skin tone. Despite the fact that I’d love a white scarf with a black dress, I try to resist it as whites and pastel colours make my skin tone paler or even yellowish. Who wants that?

Here’s the collection in my wardrobe:

scarfs 2.png

However, there is an added trick. I usually wear an under-cap to keep my hair together. So if I am stoked on wearing a sparkly white scarf I’d add a contrasting coloured under-cap to add to the style and yet helps add a border to my round-as-a-pumpkin face.

Secondarily, there are 2 things while selecting:

  • The coordination of the scarf with your outfit
  • The wrapping style

The coordination of the hijab colour and fabric is the key to a good looking outfit. For my usual work day attire, here’s the formula:

Fall & Winter: Dark coloured scarf (silk or georgette) + light coloured under-cap + long dress + tights + boots

Spring & Summer: Light colours scarf (pastel colours) Viscose or cotton (breathable) + coordinating coloured under-cap + tunic / long shirt + pastel colored tights / trousers + pumps / flats (no socks). Showing legs is a big no-no so I try light coloured pants or even summer tights.

The Wrapping Style for me is primarily the one that shows my earrings. There are  others like the double chin style, the turban style or the easy flowing style. I usually consult with Sanam’s Make-up and Hijabs for that.

Where do I get them?

For a girl living in Saskatchewan, we don’t have much choice compared to what’s available in Ontario or in B.C. I am a bargain haunter. I’d wait for the Ardenes sales and stock up when they have 3 scarfs for $10 sales end of summer. A casual walk down the mall will end up in bagging a Cleo scarf for $5 or a Marks Work Wear House one for $4.

Accessorise: I prefer adding a necklace to my look depending if there are corporate meetings or dinners that I am attending.

Fridays instead of jeans, I wear my glasses to relax my eyes (I wear contacts everyday).

Jamal 1A
Reds with blue striped light sweater and pink hijab. Notice the statement necklace.
Jamal 3A
Blues with black hijab and a bit of shimmery butterflies with a long necklace.