Today was the third day of Muslims fasting.

I have already started working on a couple of decore’ ideas that I will share in my next blog.

I decided to send a platter of Iftar (a meal during breaking a fast every day at sunset) to my non Muslim neighbours. Usually people would invite their neighbours over to share in the experience of breaking a fast and indulging in some delicious ethnic food and fruitful conversation around Ramadhan.

As our Iftar time is around sunset and thanks to the Canadian Prairies and the gorgeous long days it brings, we don’t eat until 9:10 pm or so this year. This is when kids are in bed and their parents usually dozing off on couches. I decided to make a platter of Iftar for my neighbours much earlier.

I needed to make some food and decided for a decent time like 6 pm to send it to them. The food I selected were:

– Black Chickpeas (minus the red chilli and turmeric), click for recipe.

– Dal Pakora (lentil fritters), click for recipe.

– Chicken and egg rolls

– Dates and some fruit

I already texted them and asked them if it will be okay if we dropped in briefly.

Next I prepared little toothpick notes to go with each snack incluing dates which are not ‘usual’ to have at a meal table.

food tags

Hubbie was a bit nervous doing this as we had never done this before.

On my way to the Dollar store earlier, I picked up a round silver platter and some golden star shaped plates that will so go with our festive season. If you are in Canada, the Dollarama or Dollar Tree are perfect places to buy these, specially around graduation season.

star plates

I added a personal note to them from us explaining what Ramadhan is, our wishes and why we are sharing food with them. So glad how it turned out.

platter      note

Needless to say, they were super excited to receive the platter and said they can’t wait to try these out but wouldn’t in front of us as they wanted to respect the fact that we were fasting. That’s always a bonus.

Understanding and compassion is what we intended to spread, and am so happy as that’s what we got.

Till next blog, stay blessed.