Where have we been?

I have traveled to a crazy combination of cities and countries.

This lead to a never ending hunger of understanding culture, its diversity and similarities, in the light of world history and human migration.

  • Born in Pakistan.
  • Grew up in Saudi Arabia.
  • Toured United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.
  • Visited United States: San Diego, LA, Chicago, Minot ND & Chandler AZ.
  • Travelled to Turkey on a 12 hour transit (not enough-have to go back)
  • DSC05129
    The Bean, Chi town, IL

    Istanbul, Turkey


Visited London and Manchester in UK.

London Eye on a boat tour across River Thames


I now live in Regina SK, Canada.

  • Have toured Toronto, Montreal, Kingston & Ottawa on the East coast.
  • Visited Winnipeg, MB.
  • Always take an annual summer drive to Calgary and Edmonton


Next Dream Destination on the list:

  • Drive to Alaska
  • Visit Hawai