I am back and I have a slightly different blog today. Unlike rampaging about how cool my sewing skills have become, here’s something about another organization for a change 🙂

I had been following a new initiative called the Art Supply Exchange since its launch in September. They put out a call for visual art supplies-related donations that included crafters and sewers like me getting on their knees and finding tits and bits for them. I didn’t make it to the store it self until last Wednesday and I am so glad I finally did.

Its a humble little store, warm and inviting, established as a corner in the CARFAC Office in Regina as CARFAC is the host organization that started this initiative.

In their own words:  The Art Supply Exchange is a place for artists of all ages and practices to find and exchange second hand materials, media, and supplies for use in studios and/or classrooms in Regina (and area) at minimal costs. 

In my own opinion Regina really needed a place like Art Supply Exchange. It not only encourages hobbyists to reuse and recycle but also proves as a haven for dreamers and ignites ideas and creativity within that little space.

This December they launched a campaign where if you donate you get to pick a surprise themed bag for free (wouldn’t cost a punch on your punch card – which is the usual case). I got to drop off some of the fabric, winter themed crafts and lace and notions that I was tired of seeing sitting in my tote and in return picked up a theme bag “Sew What?”

Here’s what I got:

Oooo lala!

I can’t wait to put my ideas into final products. I’ll be back with what I made soon. For now three cheers for the Art Supply Exchange for giving us, hobbyists the craving and the initiative to do so much more.