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June 2015

Easy DIY Cards

I have been itching to make these ever since I came across the post by a fellow blogger: Made By Greta

Before anything else, I needed some cute paper tape. Look what I found at the closest Dollar Tree store:

spring tape

I already had some card stock paper and picked out a pick and a yellow colour. Perhaps they are not as neat as the one by Greta, by these were my firsts.

I cut them in halves and folded them across. Then I just followed instructions on the blog and added a few buttons to the ends of the strings and glue-gunned them to stick. I am done. Created 4 cards and now I wait for the next birthday or baby shower.

Till, the next blog, peace with you!

pink card   yellow card

Iftar (meal during breaking fast) for my non Muslim neighbours

Today was the third day of Muslims fasting.

I have already started working on a couple of decore’ ideas that I will share in my next blog.

I decided to send a platter of Iftar (a meal during breaking a fast every day at sunset) to my non Muslim neighbours. Usually people would invite their neighbours over to share in the experience of breaking a fast and indulging in some delicious ethnic food and fruitful conversation around Ramadhan.

As our Iftar time is around sunset and thanks to the Canadian Prairies and the gorgeous long days it brings, we don’t eat until 9:10 pm or so this year. This is when kids are in bed and their parents usually dozing off on couches. I decided to make a platter of Iftar for my neighbours much earlier.

I needed to make some food and decided for a decent time like 6 pm to send it to them. The food I selected were:

– Black Chickpeas (minus the red chilli and turmeric), click for recipe.

– Dal Pakora (lentil fritters), click for recipe.

– Chicken and egg rolls

– Dates and some fruit

I already texted them and asked them if it will be okay if we dropped in briefly.

Next I prepared little toothpick notes to go with each snack incluing dates which are not ‘usual’ to have at a meal table.

food tags

Hubbie was a bit nervous doing this as we had never done this before.

On my way to the Dollar store earlier, I picked up a round silver platter and some golden star shaped plates that will so go with our festive season. If you are in Canada, the Dollarama or Dollar Tree are perfect places to buy these, specially around graduation season.

star plates

I added a personal note to them from us explaining what Ramadhan is, our wishes and why we are sharing food with them. So glad how it turned out.

platter      note

Needless to say, they were super excited to receive the platter and said they can’t wait to try these out but wouldn’t in front of us as they wanted to respect the fact that we were fasting. That’s always a bonus.

Understanding and compassion is what we intended to spread, and am so happy as that’s what we got.

Till next blog, stay blessed.

Ramadhan Kareem!

Dear all,

Ramadhan Kareem!

Happy Ramadhan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims all around the world fast from  dawn to dusk, avoiding any food or water for Allah’s (God’s) mercy and for His will and love.

As Muslims follow a lunar calendar, Ramadhan falls on a different day every year. This year it starts June 18 and possibly will go till July 17. This means long grueling hot summer days will be upon us while we fast.

It also means I will be able to do more creative work. I have done some of my fabric shopping so I don’t have to drive around in a hot tin can aka my van, while I am fasting. I have taken a few days off from work so I can truly enjoy the meaning of fasting during this very special month for us.

I already have a couple of ides around Eid and Ramadhan and am very excited to share this with you all.

Till next blog, peace with you!RAMADAN-WALLPAPERS-5__1600x1000

Finally figured out, how to insert a pocket into a crayon roll.

I finally figured out how to add a pocket for a paper insert for my crayon roll. For those who are wondering what I mean, click to see my blog Roll it UP.

Here are the two crayon rolls I created for a birthday boy and a birthday girl, in pictures.

crayon roll 1             jungle 1

jungle 2   princess 1    princess 3



photo by Wolfgang Stearns photo by Wolfgang Stearns

There are times when it is wise to stop so that others may go.

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Roll it up!

Okay, it all started with a birthday invitation for a boy turning 6 and a girl turning 3 coming up in two weeks.

I wanted to create something that they can use and enjoy. I embarked upon a journey over my laptop looking for ideas. After twenty or so reading blogs and viewing vlogs (kinda), I decided to make a crayon roll. I also thought of using not so expensive fabric just yet. Instead I made a prototype with left over fabric. I used the measurements in this video and used a canvas cloth for stuffing. Here’s a snap shot of the first roll:

crayon roll wheels 2     crayon roll 3crayon roll wheels           crayon roll wheels closed

I wasn’t satisfied with the short length of the roll. I also am wondering how to add another pocket to keep some paper or a small note pad in it. The fabric I used for stuffing didn’t help with the shape of the roll. Also crayon pockets needed to be more than just an inch wide.

I was so itchy that I gave it another try the same day right after I made the first one. This time I used licensed fabric but up-cycled it from a pillow case. I added another 5 – 6 inches to the length and 4 inches to the width. I also used felt for stuffing.

Here are the results. Get ready Thomas and Friends fans to be blown away!

thomas roll 1   thomas roll 2

thomas roll

Lesson from my second try: I would use batting for stuffing as the felt created a thick padding around corners.

I have yet to add another pocket for keeping paper. Let me know what you think and if and how I can improve it.

Till next blog!

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