The one of a kind street fair as part of the Cathedral Arts Festival was on May 23, 2015.

I participated in it for the first time. It was also my first outdoor sales event. Perfect weather and 10 blocks of craft vendors brought around 50,000 people to the street which is HUGE for a Saskatchewan community. Kudos to all the volunteers involved. Following are things I learnt from my experience:

Things that worked out well:

– If its a highly competitive show, get your application in as early as possible. I submitted mine on Jan. 2.

– Start prep work a week in advance.

– Start packing your decore’ and products a couple of days in advance.

– Allow at least an hour to set up.

– I researched where my spot was and who else was around me.

– I had an extra table to display my products up front.

– I created a small shop with laying out a larger table at the back of the tent and a smaller tent to the front so people found it inviting and once they were inside the tent they found it shady and cooling. So they spent another 10 – 15 minutes there usually ending up in sales.

– Marked as many products as I could with visible signs.

Things I’d improve at next year:

– Do not leave any white space on the tables.

– Decorate the tent with saris or veils that attract the audience.

– Have more jewelry displaced out.

– Have another person even if its half a day to allow yourself a lunch break or a bathroom break. I couldn’t go to the bathroom until 3:30 pm when one of my friends dropped by and offered to man the booth for me. 🙂

Here’s what my table looked like:





Let me know by commenting if you have any other suggestions for me.

Till the next blog,