Buying a new sewing machine is like looking for a job while having one. You need just the right perks. You want a much sturdier future together and you hope it doesn’t bail out on you when you need it the most.

A few of you will remember that my old Sew broke down after making four yoga mat bags. Read related blog here. I had been looking for a new one for a few months now. I visited the two stores: The Peachtree Quilt Shop and Cindy-rellas Quilting and Sewing in Regina. SK. The ladies there were very helpful but none of the machines appealed to me so much that I could take one home.

After a lot of research and reading reviews on Google, I settled on buying a Janome HD1000. I came across a really useful ‘Consumer Alert’ video on YouTube. Its possibly 5 years old but still pretty valid.

My reason for selecting Janome HD1000 is that it comes in an aluminium body. It is a work horse (as many call it) for beginners. As beginners, we are not professionals. We tend to mistreat our appliances a lot. Your machine needs to ‘put up’ with you big time. Janome Hd 1000 has 14 basic stitches, that’s enough for a beginner like me. No bells or whistles, exactly how I like it. Also, what I found was this particular machine can sew through up to 9 layers of fabric easily. Many US and Canadian users said that. Also it comes with a classic old bottom-feed bobbin.

HD 1000

When I set out to buy it, I realized its something mainly available in the States. I finally found a web page called Janome Flyer that offered to ship this machine from BC to Regina. I just paid for it and they say it will be here on Tues. Its Saturday today. Can’t wait for my Sew 2 to arrive.