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January 2015

Upcylcing or Recycling; I’m loving it!

Today I did something I never thought I could: I up-cycled a nice item into a nicer one and with a process which was much easier from the original one. Well, something called a sewing accessories organizer mat caught my eye when I was Googling ‘organizers’. It was less to do with de-cluttering my work space and more to do with finding an interesting project. Here’s what I found.

As you will see the instructions were to buy quilted fabric. Now that’s expensive for a beginner like me who has no idea if the project will work or not. Instead of going to the box store, I went to a thrift store and looked at the ‘bed and bath’ section. Found these gorgeous quilted pillow cases and rest is history. Here’s the story in pictures with some details: quilted pillow 1     quilted pillow 2  quilted pillow 3

1. Pillow case in original form

2. Cut out tie-backs

3. Open seams to release fold back cloth piece, iron on open seams and stitch them to close.

sewing 1    pockets 1pockets 2

4. Made pockets from the fold back cloths. I added inter facing to add some strength to the fabric as it will be holding my scissors.

5. Mark pockets.

6. Sew pockets on lower half of the case and Voila! Done in an hour! finished 2

Finished!If you happen to stop by, do let me know what do you think. Yes, I know I have a very small table. Cheers! ….J

Next step in sewing adventure: Zippers

O my! I had no idea adding zippers to your bag would be such a challenge. I made my first-ever top zip make-up bag.

Well, to start with, I don’t have a zipper foot for my machine so I just swiveled my ‘regular’ foot around.

Then I forgot to insert the zipper edges into the side seams. You won’t see it in the pictures (Creative Photography!). I added a tote bag to go with the make-up bag. What I absolutely love about the project is the fabric, both the oustide and the inside. I named the bag, Oriental Spice. I like naming my products. It brings them to life and adds a personality to it. This will become a gift for my mother who will be travelling to Pakistan end of March and I am sure both of these items will come in handy for her. Also because she loves bags.

tote set  insides of tote

I added a buttons design feature which was inspired by Whitney Sew’s video:

Very proud of how that turned out.

buttons on bag

I have more of the fabric so am open to custom orders, once I am better skilled at the zipper.

Over and out for now! … J

Well, well, I finally did it. Created my first gift and a neighbour’s baby boy will be the lucky one to endure my beginner’s sewing skills.

My hubby told me our neighbour had a baby boy around Christmas and we just got to know a day or two ago. (Thanks to Saskcathewan’s frigid Winter and four weeks of -45 C, we don’t even see our neighbours). The first thing he said was, what can we give them as a gift? I just happened to stumble upon a fellow wordpress blogger yesterday: A Stitch to Scratch’s Barmy about Bunting blog. I fell in love with the idea and even though I promised NO MORE FABRIC after the Friday haul, I went to Fabricland and got two blue cotton blends for the baby. I don’t like to be stuck with ‘only-boy’ or ‘only-girl’ patterns, so I picked a blue striped and a neutral baby print with some bright colours and Voila!

blue bunting 2      blue bunting 1






Here’s the video I followed:

Totally love how it turned out. My Firsts this project were:

– I cut triangles for the first time

– I bought and sewed with binding for the first time

– I made a gift for the first time

– I made a bunting for the first time

Here’s to more ‘Firsts’ in my sewing adventure. If you happen to drop by, do let me know what you think . If you can suggest any other ideas, that would be great.

Friday Fabric Haul and what else it lead to.

My Sew 2 arrived last Thursday and I couldn’t keep my hands off of her.

I had been looking up various projects for beginners like me and I had some pretty good ideas. But then it hit me like a brick – I had NO fabric, an ultimate sewer’s block! I had looked up a tips video by Whitney Sews on thrifting and I was bound to use some of her suggestions. Away I went to the thrift store.

I visited three stores on Friday and looked for sales. There were some pretty good deals going on. I also contacted a lady who was giving away loads of fabric, not for free but for a cheaper value than retail stores and picked some odd ends there. Next step after I got home was to shrink the big pieces, dry and iron them. Here’s what my living room looked like while they waited on my sofa to be ironed.

fabric haul

After the ironing came the pains-taking part, the cutting. Did that and then started working on my Sew 2. After working the weekend and literally buring the midnight oil, only at today’s home its the electricity bill we burn, I ended up with these products. This is my first attempt at:

– A Reversible placemat, so proud of how it tuned out.

Placemat the jungle side
Placemat the jungle side
Placemat floral side
Placemat floral side

– Kids aprons

Apron perfect for a tea party.
Apron perfect for a tea party.


Apron for a basketball -lover
Apron for a basketball -lover

– Kids’ half apron: At the Farm

Before - cutting phase
Before – cutting phase
At the Farm-finished
At the Farm-finished
Upclose the 'cute as a button' pocket
Upclose the ‘cute as a button’ pocket


Buying a new sewing machine is like looking for a job while having one. You need just the right perks. You want a much sturdier future together and you hope it doesn’t bail out on you when you need it the most.

A few of you will remember that my old Sew broke down after making four yoga mat bags. Read related blog here. I had been looking for a new one for a few months now. I visited the two stores: The Peachtree Quilt Shop and Cindy-rellas Quilting and Sewing in Regina. SK. The ladies there were very helpful but none of the machines appealed to me so much that I could take one home.

After a lot of research and reading reviews on Google, I settled on buying a Janome HD1000. I came across a really useful ‘Consumer Alert’ video on YouTube. Its possibly 5 years old but still pretty valid.

My reason for selecting Janome HD1000 is that it comes in an aluminium body. It is a work horse (as many call it) for beginners. As beginners, we are not professionals. We tend to mistreat our appliances a lot. Your machine needs to ‘put up’ with you big time. Janome Hd 1000 has 14 basic stitches, that’s enough for a beginner like me. No bells or whistles, exactly how I like it. Also, what I found was this particular machine can sew through up to 9 layers of fabric easily. Many US and Canadian users said that. Also it comes with a classic old bottom-feed bobbin.

HD 1000

When I set out to buy it, I realized its something mainly available in the States. I finally found a web page called Janome Flyer that offered to ship this machine from BC to Regina. I just paid for it and they say it will be here on Tues. Its Saturday today. Can’t wait for my Sew 2 to arrive.

Welcome to 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! 2015 is upon us and as I promised we are launching a few pictures from our Fair Trade collection made by our artisans Shazia and Saira.

These talented ladies were a major find by our Coordinator in Pakistan, Farzana Majeed. Hats off to you for making this happen! Farzana not only found these gems but part of her job was to research on products and making sure that the artisans are deserving people in need.

Here are our back packs:

Fashion Back Pack

Space featured back pack
Space featured back pack

Here are our two designs of smaller pouches. Fuchia Pink with self print and Fashion print.

Sturdy zipper. Ideal for coins collection or traveler’s cosmetics.


Fashion print_pick_pouches





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