With our last day of winter shows last Saturday, Jumbish wrapped up its sales for the year. Jumbish thanks its loyal fans and new friends that supported the business by visiting our booth and buying from us. We sold out on our scarfs, wallets and key rings. We still have these gorgeous bead bags in pink, green and aqua blue available. Make your order at: jfateach@yahoo.com


Moving forward we will be taking a step towards making our business Fair Trade. Our motto will be “Fair Trade is the way to go”. What is Fair Trade? “Fair Trade is a different way of doing business. It’s about making principles of fairness and decency mean something in the marketplace. It seeks to change the terms of trade for the products we buy – to ensure the farmers and artisans behind those products get a better deal”. Cited from http://www.fairtrade.ca.

We are looking for young women in Pakistan and Bangladesh who can become our artisans creating 100% cotton totes and other fabric items, where we provide them deserving wages and good working conditions. If they need medical help, for example eye exam, prescribed glasses, full physical exam, etc. we provide them with that support. Bear in mind, in most south asian countries medical assistance is a luxury hard to come by. Here are a few samples of what we will be creating:

i need coffee bag  pure cotton zipped bag

What do you want to see at Jumbish in the future? Any comments or suggestions are welcome.  Have a warm Winter Holidays. See you all in 2015!