I have been trying to test run the Regina market to see what products and if my handmade products sold at the pre-Christmas craft sales. I learned a valuable lesson: they didn’t.

It motivated me to talk to people and research on how to refocus and determine where I was going with the trade shows.I met a former coworker and now a friend who just became a mom of a beautiful daughter. 5 months into motherhood, she starts a non-profit called Mamas 4 Mamas to help young mothers in Honduras with maternal health and child birth. I encourage all of you to check out her website and help in any way you can: http://www.mamas4mamas.ca

She offered me to become part of the directors team that I happily accepted. Currently I am writing a piece on her and her inspiration to start such an organization.

Through research I learned that naming your business in a way that people find you while searching for you on the internet without knowing your title is important, so I simplified Jumbish Gems & Finds to Jumbish Handmade. Now we are on http://www.facebook.com/jumbishhandmade

At the same time, I assigned a logo to my social business. Check it out: