Dear friends and fans,

Sorry for vanishing from the face and world of WordPress.

Believe me, I barely survived a summer full of screaming kids and hormone splurging pre-teens as I tried hard to deliver the summer program I run through work.

But leisure is called leisure for a reason and a very good one. It helps you re-energize, heal and get back to your screaming kids and pre-teens the next day. This Fall I discovered the benefits of yoga and let me tell you its true whatever they say about it. I found a nice yoga studio in my neck of woods and tried their Yoga and Chakras, Mindful Yoga and Sattva Yoga. Here’s a picture of the Minds Eye Yoga Center’s studio:

minds eye yoga studio

It reminded me of my strengths and decided to do what I do best – write and create.

As my Sew had broken down, I had stopped at four yoga mat bags. At the yoga, studio while I was talking to the instructor telling the story of my life, another participant, Helen offered me to use her machine. I had just learnt in my yoga class that my heart chakra was blocked, meaning I have to learn to accept help from others. So I did. I borrowed Helen’s sewing machine and finished four more bags. Here they are:

star burst bag  sea green  sugar skulls

agua marine