Well dear readers, a lot has happened since my last post in June.
I started free lance writing and successfully got an article printed in PINK magazine. This happened as I was throwing away paper and class projects from my PR certificate. O did I tell you I convocated from the University June 6 with a Certificate in Public Relations? Well I did. I came out full of energy saying I am going to make a transition into the world of PR. Well the employers at the PR agencies have their own reasons for not hiring me. Experience can come with time, that’s all I can say to them. They won’t give me my first chance. Then I had to grab one myself. This resulted in submitting an article that I wrote for one of my PR classes to a local magazine and they accepted it. It appeared July 5, 2014.

My sewing frenzy took an unexpected twist and I fell in love with yoga mat bags.

However, another twist proved this was a roller coaster ride, my sewing machine (lets call her Sew) bailed out on me and now I can not finish my projects. Either I buy a bobbin casing or replace her. I took it to an expert: a sewing and quilting store in Regina and guess what they said, “its a disposable machine”. They gave me some tips on how to clean her and how to fix tension on the bobbin. I bring Sew home, try to fix tension on the bobbin and the whole screw falls off. My life halted at that moment.

Now I am stuck in a dilemma of either pursuing my full blown career as a ‘yoga mat bag lady’ or as a PR consultant at a firm. Right now, neither the PR firms nor Sew is giving me a chance. Guess I’d have to create one myself.


yoga mat bag 3

yoga mat bag 4                                    flutterby 2