As December slowly and quietly moved into January, I started to think about this new venture I embarked upon last summer. I wondered if I should carry on with it. I wondered if I could juggle it with my full time job. I decided to take some time off and enjoy the peace and serenity of a non busy schedule until it explodes into complete chaos. A new event came to my attention:  Spring Free from Racism event on March 23 at the Italian Club in Regina. The organizers had been putting it together for 14 years and it was their 15th year anniversary. I decided to submit the application. Not only did I do that, I encouraged the Pakistan Canada Cultural  Association to participate too with a food booth. They happily accepted.

So here we were, deciding on who would do what. We heard there were close to 6000 people in attendance. I and my friend Saima, who usually helps me out with my booth, decided to do this together. I hauled every thing up in my van two nights prior to the event. We got to the venue only to find out the table was too small. So we decided to leave some of our products in our bags as there was no room for them to be displayed. Groups after groups came for their dance performances. There were welcome speeches by the Province, the Mayor, the police services, and Multicultural Council and the organizers.

The event ended with a bang with a music and dance performance by Tribal Vibes. The sales went really well from noon till 3:00 pm and then the event was mainly about parents cheering on their children dancing on stage. All in all, it was very successful and I can’t wait to it again! Notice the flag in the picture? March 23 is also a very special day in our country’s history: the Pakistan Day when a new constitution was written for a new country. What a blast we had!