It has been ten months since I started thinking about this idea that I named Jumbish. Its about time that I start writing about it.

Jumbish Gems & Finds – A Movement, An Inspiration

10% of profit goes to the cause raising funds for girls` education around the world


Jumbish Gems & Finds strives to find hidden talent in non-represented women working at home in Pakistan and contribute in girls’ education. Jumbish means ‘movement’ in Urdu and Farsi as we try to create a movement to honour what girls and women around the world go through in order to gain basic education. We are a proud supporter of Because I Am A Girl and Citizen`s Aid Foundation.

On October 9, 2012, Malala Yusafzai, a 14 year old girl was shot in the head by the Taliban because she spoke about her and other girls’ right to education and being allowed to go to school in Swat Valley, located in Northern Pakistan. She survived this attack and has undergone reconstructive surgery in England. Her life is still in danger and she may have lost her home forever as she and her family are still under threat by the Taliban back in Swat, Pakistan.

She became my inspiration because she spoke for a right that I was blessed with while growing up-a right to basic education. She represented me because I was a girl too. In January 2006, I had gone on a thrilling trip to the same Swat Valley to spend a week for my honeymoon, a valley that embodied the most magnificent mountains and scenic rivers but now is surrounded by Taliban-an extremist religious group that is nor controlled by the Pakistani government neither by the army. Continuously innocent citizens’ regular lives are threatened by bombs and fire exchange between the two groups. Education system is disrupted regularly and nothing is normal any more.

I travelled to Pakistan during June, 2013 to buy the merchandise that I present to you. With this trip started a journey of new relationships and new experiences. I met some amazing people along the road and some unreal facts surfaced that I want to share with you through these artifacts.

Support this business to support the cause. 10% of our sale goes to the cause.

What does $1 buy for a girl in Pakistan? Stationary for a school semester. Imagine what more can do for her!

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