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Bias Tape – a love & hate relationship

Dear fellow Sewers, Crafters & Hobbyists out there,

I have a confession to make. I am not sure if I love working with Bias-tape or absolutely hate it.

Here’s why:

I did the dreadful and looked up Pinterest to find a new craft project for myself and stumbled upon Make a Case for your Hot Iron (hair straighter or roller).

I admit, I was in a dire need of one, as when I travel, just before leaving for the airport, do my hair only to realize that the hot iron is too hot to pack in my bag so I give it another 15 minutes to cool down just enough to NOT-burn my other belongings in the bag.

Here’s the method I decided on from Sew 4 Home.

I picked out two coordinating fabrics. Cut the layers as measured, sandwiched the layers together, stitch them together and  then quilt them with straight lines.

Then came the part I was really looking forward to. Sew 4 Home made using bias-tape to hide edges, look so easy. My previous experience with bias-tape was with making bunting or flags and with making blankets which by-the-way use very broad blanket bias-tape.

I used two coloured ones to give it some edge. Purple and Red. First, I bias-taped the top of the two layered fabric with purple bias-tape.

I struggled the most with the red.

When I had to turn around the edges, my knuckles hurt from having to keep  it pulled enough to get caught in the machine stitching. Needless to say I did not have any fancy quilting clips or pins that other crafters use. Then, of course for some reason the pink fabric escaped the bias-tape while stitching. So I had to unthread a whole side, cut the fabric and the batting to fit-to-size and again stitch them together.

The edges nearly drove me iron case 1

On the last edge, my machine needle broke with only an inch to finish the project. Changed the needle and  finished the remaining inch (that seemed like a mile left) to extreme satisfaction.

However, I LOVED how it turned out. The bias-tape gave it such a nice cut, crisp and fine-looking shape.

I’ll let you be the judge of it! Viola.

hot iron case 2



A Hijabi-nista in Style

As I  wear a hijab everyday to work, to grocery shopping and to pretty much everything, I get asked how do I style myself. People are curious to know where I get my hijabs from and how do I coordinate it in my usual day-to-day style.

A typical ‘hijabinista’; a girl who loves to wear one and still look modest and stylist, would know the answers to all these questions. Apparently, people asking me these questions are curious to know what makes you one. So I thought I would write about it. There are so many people out there who appreciate the pain we take to find the right colour for just the right outfit for the right occasion.

Primarily, there are 3 things for me that goes into looking for a scarf or a hijab:

  • The Colour – complements your skin tone
  • The Fabric – should be light enough to make layers and breathable for warmer weather. Viscose for warmer and linens and silk for colder temperatures.
  • The Length – rectangular instead of square (square ones form a gypsy style head covering that I do not like)

I always look for brighter and reddish hues of scarfs as they look the best with my skin tone. Despite the fact that I’d love a white scarf with a black dress, I try to resist it as whites and pastel colours make my skin tone paler or even yellowish. Who wants that?

Here’s the collection in my wardrobe:

scarfs 2.png

However, there is an added trick. I usually wear an under-cap to keep my hair together. So if I am stoked on wearing a sparkly white scarf I’d add a contrasting coloured under-cap to add to the style and yet helps add a border to my round-as-a-pumpkin face.

Secondarily, there are 2 things while selecting:

  • The coordination of the scarf with your outfit
  • The wrapping style

The coordination of the hijab colour and fabric is the key to a good looking outfit. For my usual work day attire, here’s the formula:

Fall & Winter: Dark coloured scarf (silk or georgette) + light coloured under-cap + long dress + tights + boots

Spring & Summer: Light colours scarf (pastel colours) Viscose or cotton (breathable) + coordinating coloured under-cap + tunic / long shirt + pastel colored tights / trousers + pumps / flats (no socks). Showing legs is a big no-no so I try light coloured pants or even summer tights.

The Wrapping Style for me is primarily the one that shows my earrings. There are  others like the double chin style, the turban style or the easy flowing style. I usually consult with Sanam’s Make-up and Hijabs for that.

Where do I get them?

For a girl living in Saskatchewan, we don’t have much choice compared to what’s available in Ontario or in B.C. I am a bargain haunter. I’d wait for the Ardenes sales and stock up when they have 3 scarfs for $10 sales end of summer. A casual walk down the mall will end up in bagging a Cleo scarf for $5 or a Marks Work Wear House one for $4.

Accessorise: I prefer adding a necklace to my look depending if there are corporate meetings or dinners that I am attending.

Fridays instead of jeans, I wear my glasses to relax my eyes (I wear contacts everyday).

Jamal 1A
Reds with blue striped light sweater and pink hijab. Notice the statement necklace.
Jamal 3A
Blues with black hijab and a bit of shimmery butterflies with a long necklace.

the Art Supply Exchange: my surprise

I am back and I have a slightly different blog today. Unlike rampaging about how cool my sewing skills have become, here’s something about another organization for a change 🙂

I had been following a new initiative called the Art Supply Exchange since its launch in September. They put out a call for visual art supplies-related donations that included crafters and sewers like me getting on their knees and finding tits and bits for them. I didn’t make it to the store it self until last Wednesday and I am so glad I finally did.

Its a humble little store, warm and inviting, established as a corner in the CARFAC Office in Regina as CARFAC is the host organization that started this initiative.

In their own words:  The Art Supply Exchange is a place for artists of all ages and practices to find and exchange second hand materials, media, and supplies for use in studios and/or classrooms in Regina (and area) at minimal costs. 

In my own opinion Regina really needed a place like Art Supply Exchange. It not only encourages hobbyists to reuse and recycle but also proves as a haven for dreamers and ignites ideas and creativity within that little space.

This December they launched a campaign where if you donate you get to pick a surprise themed bag for free (wouldn’t cost a punch on your punch card – which is the usual case). I got to drop off some of the fabric, winter themed crafts and lace and notions that I was tired of seeing sitting in my tote and in return picked up a theme bag “Sew What?”

Here’s what I got:

Oooo lala!

I can’t wait to put my ideas into final products. I’ll be back with what I made soon. For now three cheers for the Art Supply Exchange for giving us, hobbyists the craving and the initiative to do so much more.



The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Crafters

I came across this blog and thought of sharing it with my fellow craters. It’s excellently put together and is an impressive tribute to Covey ‘ s work.


Do you have a favorite inspirational book of all time? A book whose message you have woven into the core of who you are as a person?

I do – Stephen Covey’sThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you have not read this book, I highly recommend that you do.

Recently revisiting this book got me thinking: “how would the habits discussed in this book apply to creativity, making handmade crafts, and creating a collection of art quilts?”Can I apply Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peopleto the work I do on my tierneycreates business: striving to make a catalogue of handmade items infused with smiles to offer to my Etsy shop customers; and to working towards my dream of becoming a professional artist (The Wardrobe Meets the Wall)?

I came up with The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Crafters

View original post 829 more words

Eid Bunting

Hello dears,

I promised and I deliver.

I have been working on a fabric bunting for our upcoming Eid festival possibly on July 18.

For those of you who have visited my blog before, know about my infatuation with buntings. When I have been looking for ideas, I discovered buntings are really ‘in’ nowadays, Fabric, lace, burlap, tule, you name it and you will find bunting of each type and colour at weddings or birthday parties etc.

I had already made a baby bunting out of cotton and completely fell in love with it. You will find the details and my tale of  the ‘ultimate discovery of a bunting’ here.

I tried that same method and this time added letters to it. I struggled with it and using felt had made my other business bunting heavy that I made for an outdoor fair.11329978_870804266318159_6153238584583057219_n

But then I found this blog where the crafter suggested to just sketch out letters with a free hand and cut them out rounded.

bunting cutting  bunting cut

felt letters

I stitched them on to the triangles but then I realized that it needs some bling. Off to Walmart I went and bought a fabric glitter glue to add a shimmery border to the letters. They turned out so cute.

Sew them together and viola! My Eid Bunting is ready.

If you happen to drop by please let me know how it looks. Thanks and till the next blog!

eid 1  eid 2

eid 3

Easy DIY Cards

I have been itching to make these ever since I came across the post by a fellow blogger: Made By Greta

Before anything else, I needed some cute paper tape. Look what I found at the closest Dollar Tree store:

spring tape

I already had some card stock paper and picked out a pick and a yellow colour. Perhaps they are not as neat as the one by Greta, by these were my firsts.

I cut them in halves and folded them across. Then I just followed instructions on the blog and added a few buttons to the ends of the strings and glue-gunned them to stick. I am done. Created 4 cards and now I wait for the next birthday or baby shower.

Till, the next blog, peace with you!

pink card   yellow card

Iftar (meal during breaking fast) for my non Muslim neighbours

Today was the third day of Muslims fasting.

I have already started working on a couple of decore’ ideas that I will share in my next blog.

I decided to send a platter of Iftar (a meal during breaking a fast every day at sunset) to my non Muslim neighbours. Usually people would invite their neighbours over to share in the experience of breaking a fast and indulging in some delicious ethnic food and fruitful conversation around Ramadhan.

As our Iftar time is around sunset and thanks to the Canadian Prairies and the gorgeous long days it brings, we don’t eat until 9:10 pm or so this year. This is when kids are in bed and their parents usually dozing off on couches. I decided to make a platter of Iftar for my neighbours much earlier.

I needed to make some food and decided for a decent time like 6 pm to send it to them. The food I selected were:

– Black Chickpeas (minus the red chilli and turmeric), click for recipe.

– Dal Pakora (lentil fritters), click for recipe.

– Chicken and egg rolls

– Dates and some fruit

I already texted them and asked them if it will be okay if we dropped in briefly.

Next I prepared little toothpick notes to go with each snack incluing dates which are not ‘usual’ to have at a meal table.

food tags

Hubbie was a bit nervous doing this as we had never done this before.

On my way to the Dollar store earlier, I picked up a round silver platter and some golden star shaped plates that will so go with our festive season. If you are in Canada, the Dollarama or Dollar Tree are perfect places to buy these, specially around graduation season.

star plates

I added a personal note to them from us explaining what Ramadhan is, our wishes and why we are sharing food with them. So glad how it turned out.

platter      note

Needless to say, they were super excited to receive the platter and said they can’t wait to try these out but wouldn’t in front of us as they wanted to respect the fact that we were fasting. That’s always a bonus.

Understanding and compassion is what we intended to spread, and am so happy as that’s what we got.

Till next blog, stay blessed.

Ramadhan Kareem!

Dear all,

Ramadhan Kareem!

Happy Ramadhan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims all around the world fast from  dawn to dusk, avoiding any food or water for Allah’s (God’s) mercy and for His will and love.

As Muslims follow a lunar calendar, Ramadhan falls on a different day every year. This year it starts June 18 and possibly will go till July 17. This means long grueling hot summer days will be upon us while we fast.

It also means I will be able to do more creative work. I have done some of my fabric shopping so I don’t have to drive around in a hot tin can aka my van, while I am fasting. I have taken a few days off from work so I can truly enjoy the meaning of fasting during this very special month for us.

I already have a couple of ides around Eid and Ramadhan and am very excited to share this with you all.

Till next blog, peace with you!RAMADAN-WALLPAPERS-5__1600x1000

Finally figured out, how to insert a pocket into a crayon roll.

I finally figured out how to add a pocket for a paper insert for my crayon roll. For those who are wondering what I mean, click to see my blog Roll it UP.

Here are the two crayon rolls I created for a birthday boy and a birthday girl, in pictures.

crayon roll 1             jungle 1

jungle 2   princess 1    princess 3

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